20140228_110848_resized-1024x576.jpgMiller Heavy Equipment offers Equipment Refurb Remanufacturing Services

Our top to bottom refurbishment & replacement process ensures your equipment remains easy to use and cheap to operate lowering your future costs.

After refurbishing of your equipment it looks and runs like a newer machine costing up to 3 times more.

Our Like New Top to Bottom Restoration Process:

1.  Truck enters shop for mechanical work.

2.  All mechanical systems checked,

3.  Preventative maintenance done on truck and equipment engine.

4.  All high pressure hoses are replaced on Bergkamp unit

5.  All digital and mechanical counters replaced with new units

6.  All Micro switches are replaced with new units

7.  All controls are checked for functionality.

8.  Hydraulic Pumps are checked for functionality and correct operating pressures

7.  Hydraulic cylinders are rebuilt

8.  Equipment goes to sandblasting – down to bare metal.

9.  Any and all metal work is performed such as wear item replated and welded.

10.  New coat of red oxide primer

11.  NEW polyurethane high gloss paint is applied. Custom colors can be applied at clients request .

12.  A totally refurbished unit is ready for sale to client.

We refurbish and restore sell & export refurbished heavy equipment and paving equipment

Items commonly replaced in our top to bottom refurbishing system includes replacing any Worn parts and replaced with highest quality parts:

  • Brake replacement
  • Auger bearing replacement
  • Ribbon augers seals replaced
  • Hydraulic pistons replaced